Editrice Itinerari

The Itinerari Publishing House was founded as a cooperative society in 1969 by Prof. Francesco Paolo Giancristofaro without any speculative purpose but with the purpose of preparing publications of various kinds and to promote educational and cultural initiatives. In 1986, following the liquidation of the cooperative, a new company was established in the form of S.R.L. of which Prof. Francesco Paolo Giancristofaro continued to be President uninterruptedly until the date of his death. Currently, the position of president is held by Americo D'Ercole. During the course of its activity, which has now lasted more than thirty years, Editrice Itinerari has edited numerous publications that have spanned various fields, giving priority above all to texts on poetry and literature in Italian and in the Abruzzi dialect, essays and critical studies of a literary, artistic, archaeological, historical and philosophical nature, and plays.


Direction and editorial staff

University of Studies "G. d'Annunzio" of Chieti-Pescara
Department of Philosophical, Pedagogical
and Economical-Quantitative Sciences
University Campus - Via dei Vestini, 31, 66100, Chieti, Italy


Editrice Itinerari srl
Via del Mancino, 150 - Lanciano
E-mail address: editinerari@tiscali.it
Telephon Number: +39 3387257476 and +39 3356952544.