The journal "Itinerari" began its publications in 1962. With a historical-philosophical and ethical vocation, open to interdisciplinary contributions in the field of humanistic and linguistic-literary studies, Itinerari aims to create an interweaving of disciplinary interests around philosophical issues and in particular ethical and ethical-political ones. The Journal, which pays the utmost attention to the most current issues of contemporary philosophical debate, focuses on those investigations that, at the theoretical and historiographic level, are addressed to the fundamental problems of the ethical, anthropological and religious tradition, with a rigorous and scientific methodological approach. The International Scientific Committee includes scholars of great prestige, both Italian, such as Virgilio Melchiorre, Giuseppe Cantillo, Raffaele Ciafardone, Carmelo Vigna, and foreigners such as Rafael Alvira Dominguez of the University of Pamplona, Michael Eckert of the University of Tübingen, Tilo Schabert of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Wilhelm Vossenkuhl of the University of München, Vittorio Hösle of the University of Notre Dame (USA), David Forgacs of the University College of London. The magazine has been identified as the site for the publication of the proceedings of the first National Conference of SIFM (Italian Society of Moral Philosophy), held in Rome on 25 and 26 November 2011, entitled General Ethics and Special Ethics (no. 1 of 2012), hosting contributions by Giuseppe Cantillo and Carmelo Vigna, in addition to the reports by Aldo Masullo, Virgilio Melchiorre, Adriano Fabris, and the Italian Society of Ethics.

From 2014, alongside Bernardo Razzotti, Roberto Garaventa became co-editor of the magazine. The magazine is thematic:

  1. Difference
    (ed. Oreste Tolone)
  2. Evil and its forms.
    Modern and contemporary reconsiderations of an ancient problem

    (eds. Roberto Garaventa and Omar Brino)
  3. Europe and the idea of Justice. Crisis and challenges
    (eds. Annette Hilt, Holger Zaborowski eandVirgilio Cesarone)
  4. Philosophies and Sciences in the Renaissance
    (eds. Federica De Felice and Pierluigi Graziani)

The contributions presented in the Journal Itinerari are evaluated, anonymously, by scholars competent for the specific discipline ('double-blind peer review').

Itineraries is included in the list of scientific journals from 2014.

It is possible to buy the last issue by contacting the publishing house. The price is 24 euro. Articles from previous years are freely available in the archive of the site.

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